June 7, 2021

Happy Monday my darling subscribers!

I hope everyone is doing well and if you aren’t, then please let this be a little escape for you.

I know it’s not a villa in the Greek Islands BUT…BABY STEPS.

This week’s EDITION (HERE) is a hodge pod of stuff to catch up on.

AS always, feedback welcomed and encouraged if that feedback is PRAISE. If it is critical then I CANNOT BEAR IT. ☺Kidding kidding…ever so slightly. But please do share this with whoever you think will enjoy it.




Welcome to my brain…

Happy MONDAY my pop culture junkies! I hope this is a refreshing break in your day though I admit the one thing I could write endlessly about we have made the ONE RULE at PCM about not writing about. It’s been SUCH a nice break the last few months with the former President out of the cultural zeitgeist. But alas he is back…PANTSGATE but I will let others delve into that one though again…I COULD TALK ENDLESSLY about those pee pee pants. BUT I DIGRESS.

We are in WEEK TWO of Whiteyy18 mental breakdowns and I think maybe only NOW…

TUESDAY: June 1st, 2021


Happy TUESDAY my darling subscribers.

I know this week is a tough one as we try to get back into it…so I decided to just GO for it with this SPECIAL PCM maybe NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK OR HOME OFFICE edition.

But I am right.

If you are offended, I am not sorry.

Welcome to this week’s VERY VERY special edition which you can find HERE.

ENJOY. Really. LIKE REALLY enjoy it. ☺




Welcome to my brain…

HAPPY TUESDAY my pop culture junkies! Are you all recovering from your 3 day weekend? I need another few days I think as it is taking me a BIT longer to get back into the swing of things. But nothing like a shock to the system than THIS issue of PCM and SORRY NOT SORRY but I speak the truth about EVERYONE being hot under the collar which has come to light this past weekend with everyone losing their shit over a 21 year old guy on TikTok. MORE on that below but get yourself some ice cold lemonade or…

May 24, 2021


Happy Monday my darling subscribers and apologies on the delay today. But we are HERE…and full warning this is not totally suitable for work or kids this week so if you watch some of the videos make sure you have headphones on if anyone is around. Out of context things can get CRAZY.

Some housekeeping issues:

  1. NO PCM NEXT MONDAY. It will come out Tuesday.
  2. I messed up last week and had the wrong aka NON-WORKING link to my NEW Geneva community. So come check it out. It is just kicking off this week. FIND IT HERE.

AND here is this week’s PCM.

As always, feedback is welcome but if you hate it, say nothing as I cannot take the criticism. 😍

But please share this with your friends and enemies and loved ones.




HAPPY Monday my pop culture besties. This is the countdown to Memorial Day weekend in the US where we can all actually gather together (If YOU ARE VACCINATED and if not….GET VACCINATED) and eat all the hamburgers and hot dogs and make jokes about how you NEVER eat this stuff (but you know you do but I GET you I am the same) and celebrate that we are together and healthy and just have an AMAZING weekend. This week get all your busy stuff done so you know you can REALLY enjoy that 3 day weekend.


May 17, 2021

HAPPY Monday my darling subscribers. I hope you have had a wonderful weekend and are ready for this wild and crazy and WTF is going to happen next, week!

Here is your weekly escape from all the ills of the world….and for that there many, so hopefully this comes at a good time for you to take a step back.


AND one thing new this week…we have launched a PCM community on the new platform that launched TODAY called Geneva. It will be a fun place to meet other subscribers and talk about pop culture during the week. We will do some programming on there, eventually. Go check it out, it’s FUN.




The “FLAMIN’ HOT” Edition

Happy Monday my Pop Culture junkies! I admit I needed ONE more day this weekend and I am really hoping one day we can all one day adopt the 3 day weekend as POLICY because my brain needs it! But yes…it has been a week and I found myself struggling again with the seriousness of the things happening around us and how to then write a silly newsletter about pop culture. Can they co-exist? I am most definitely not the person who is going to dive into what is happening in the Middle East right now. I just hope that…

May 10, 2021

Happy Monday my darling subscribers!

ALL I can say is this one is a DOOZIE. I mean it might be hard to follow in parts as I tackle some crypto stuff…but it is a PCM of PCMs this week. THERE IS SO MUCH TO COVER.

So please find the ELON EDITION HERE.

As always, feedback is welcome…as long as it is uplifting and nice. ☺

And please share with everyone you know! WORLD DOMINATION guys…I am learning from Elon on that.

PS: Happy Birthday Bono, Jordan Hewson AND Michael Rapino…a TRIFECTA.



The “ELON” Edition

Welcome to my brain…

Happy Monday my besties! OK ok I promise to retire this cringeworthy statement…who do I think I am a GenZ girl aka Jason Calacanis and Chamath Palihapitiya? But my appropriation of teen girl lingo lasts ONE more week due to the use of it on SNL this week. If you watched it, you SURELY felt in the know when watching the ULTRA CRINGE and awkward Gen Z Sketch “GEN Z HOSPITAL” with all the lingo because of your PCM reading. If you missed it…well here you go and I apologize in advance:

LOOK. I think the intent of THIS…

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