July 26, 2021

Happy Monday my darling subscribers.

It was a hell of a week. We are all living in an Austin Powers Simulation, and we are just resigned to this fact.


For this week’s PCM, click HERE. And enjoy.

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The “SPACE COWBOY” Edition

Welcome to my brain…

HAPPPPPPY Monday my pop culture junkies. Whether you’re reading this from your amazing villa in Greece, or overlooking the sea in the South of France while your hand is on JLO’s perfect ass (read below) or whilst roaming thru the hills of Tuscany where everyone seems to be or sitting at a desk in NYC or trying to write a book in Rehoboth (I see you Swisher)…we can all agree on one thing no matter where we are….that last week was a LOT. While Covid numbers are rising across the globe, and everyone is trying to stay safe and figure…

July 19, 2021

Hello my darling subscribers and HAPPY MONDAY.

We get a LITTLE spicy this week (click here) so all I can say is…I HAVE HAD IT with the anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers and I have maybe gone off the rails but here we are.

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AND ENJOY IT (with headphones).

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The “Everything is Better in France” Edition

Welcome to my brain…

Happy Monday my darling pop culture junkies. Well, here we are. It feels a bit like groundhog days these days with mask mandates coming back and the news around the numbers going up and the impending terror many feel that lockdowns will make their way back into our lives. IF you are reading this and you have made the CHOICE not to get vaccinated…I am not here to lecture you or call you names or blame you for the clear fact that the rise of Covid once again has everything to do with the unvaccinated…no, there are plenty of others…

July 12, 2021

Happy Monday my darling subscribers.

I know it was a rough weekend for some, especially those of my pals across the pond in England. But sending you all the love!

This PCM covers some really beautiful moments from this past week, and some dark ones like the racism hitting England today post the football game. But it is the nature of viral moments…some are all fun…some are not at all.

For this week’s PCM, find it HERE!

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Welcome to my brain…

Happy Monday my darling pop culture junkies! I hope you are all rested and recovered — and those of you who were in Sun Valley (I KNOW MY SUBSCRIBERS) please put the vests away in a drawer and if any of you MEN were there wearing slides/shower shoes (we have seen the photos), I have a lot of thoughts and none of them are good. Look, I don’t care if they are $600 Gucci slides…you’re grown men at a worky thing, DO BETTER. OK, I will chill out as I will only get myself in trouble here but can we…

July 6, 2021

HAPPY TUESDAY my darling subscribers!

I mean I know it was a long weekend but like today is SORT of a fake day of digging out, but you are SO close to your summer Friday the week is basically almost over now so go enjoy it. ROSÉ ALL DAY.

This week’s PCM IS HERE and it is video heavy so get your headphones on and have some fun.

As always, please come AT me with feedback as long as it is adoring and fantastic..and share with everyone you can. I want the same subscriber amount as MORNING BREW so I just need 3 million more. ☺



The “Did He Really Do That?” Edition

Welcome to my brain…

HAPPY Tuesday my darling pop culture junkies. I hope you are all rested and recovered from your weekend…whether you were standing in long lines in the cold Hamptons or pool hopping in LA or surf foiling with a GODDAMN American flag somewhere (more on that later), I hope you had a lovely time. Or if you were curled up in your AC watching Netflix all day…GOOD ON YOU babes…we DID it. Each day that passes we forget a little bit more it seems about the crazy freaking year we have all had. The human brain is a wild thing. BUT…

June 28, 2021

Hello my darling subscribers!

Happy Monday…coming at you HOT from a steamy NYC where I am justifying not going to the gym by convincing myself death will come to me if I walk 5 blocks and taking a cab to the gym feels WRONG so just work with me on this one please.

We have a FUN PCM this week…you can find it HERE. From Free Britney to PRIDE, we have a lot.


Please share with your friends and enemies…




The “I AM MELTING” Edition

HAPPY Monday my darling pop culture junkies. AND depending on where you are, either you are perfectly content OR you have sweat dripping down every part of your body and have opted to not go outside anytime soon. After one year away from NYC, I come back with the excitement and enthusiasm of a little girl on Christmas ONLY to be knocked down by the heat and humidity and I have now become my mother where I am asking restaurants for tables UNDER the AC and if they have no tables outside I cannot cut it and on we go…

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