November 28, 2022

Happy TUESDAY my darling subscriber.

I am SO sorry for the delay but I had a tech meltdown yesterday and rather than me hurling my computer out the window, I decided to take a step away from it and take 5 deep breaths that my friend Katie taught me to do. That and stress eat cheese and crackers but whatever, I digress. Please enjoy a DELAYED but DELIGHTFUL PCM

THIS WEEK’S EDITION IS HERE and a fun one looking at Balenciaga, World Cup, so much content and some other things happening.

Thank you for your patience.





October 24, 2022

Happy Monday, my darling subscriber.

It’s been a hell of a week and weekend and while the world is seemingly getting MORE hate-filled, it is up to us to counter it with light.

So please find this week’s PCM, the “SAY NO TO HATE” Edition HERE.

We cover off on the antisemitism that is on the rise and what people are doing to counter it.

We cover off on Nanny Gate from last week and Omelet gate ALSO from last week.

We have SO much Taylor Swift and some amazing TikTok trends.

As always, feedback is welcomed. And please share!