Brooke Hammerling

January 24, 2022

Hello my darling subscribers!

This week’s PCM IS HERE.

I hope you had a beautiful weekend and if you are a happy football fan, mazel.

If you are an unhappy football fan, I am sending you love.

If you don’t care about football, then this newsletter is def for you because I know what I know and I know what I don’t, so I am not attempting to cover football this week.

This week’s newsletter you MIGHT have guessed, looks into this WEST ELM CALEB insanity and other “cancellations this week”. AND SOME FUN THINGS TOO!

As always, feedback is welcome as long as it is awesome and positive. ❤️

Please share away…



January 17, 2022

Hello my darling subscribers. And HAPPY MONDAY!

I know we are a little early today but don’t get used to it…we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week.

But CLICK HERE for today’s PCM which is short and sweet and you DEFINITELY NEED HEADPHONES for this one…we are TikTok Heavy this week.

As always, feedback welcome (as long as it’s kind) and please share with everyone!

WAH GWAAN FROM JAMAICA and have a beautiful week…